Booking Amendment

Update (01/10/21)


In line with current RTB Legislation, if you wish to cancel your accommodation on-campus within the License Period, you are required to give a 28-day notice to end your stay in UCD residences by submitting aCancellation Formvia email When submitting the form via email please name the cancellation form document with your student ID, e.g. - 12345678. You will be liable to pay the License Fee and any and all associated charges up to the end of the 28-day notice period or such longer period of notice provided in the cancellation Form.

For more details on the terms of living in UCD campus residences clickhereto view the license to reside and clickhereto view recently updated FAQs.

Please note that any unremoved items in the room will be disposed and the disposal of same may incur a charge on the resident’s account.

Room Transfers

Update (01/10/21)

Due to ongoing public health restrictions UCD Reasidences have suspended general transfer requests. This decision will be reviewed in line with changing public health restrictions over the academic year. On occasions where there are significant extenuating circumstances, a room transfer may also be considered but requests must be directed

If a transfer is sanctioned by the residences team the cost will be €100 per student for the month of September and €50.00 per student after that.