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Canadian Studies is pleased to work cooperatively with the following associations and organizations:

The Ireland Canada University Foundation -http://www.icuf.ie

Initiated through the agency of H.E. Michael Wadsworth, Canadian Ambasador to Ireland at the time, the Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF) was established in 1993 by Prof. John Kelly,Dr Craig Dobbin OC, and former President of Ireland, Dr Patrick Hillery. The relationship between Canada and Ireland is strong, far reaching and deeply rooted in history. It is the mission of the Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF) to nurture the great friendship between these countries, through the support of scholarly exchange.

The Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland -http://www.canadianstudiesireland.com

The Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI) was established in May 1982. Its objectives are to support and encourage the study and understanding of Canada - its culture, history and institutions - and to foster and examine the connections and parallels between Canada and Ireland. ACSI strives to initiate and support courses on Canadian topics in universities and third-level colleges, facilitate the exchange of scholars and scholarship between Canada and Ireland, and encourage research and publication on Canada.

The Irish Canadian Society -http://www.irishcanadiansociety.net

The Irish Canadian Society is a voluntary membership organisation that arranges and supports social, cultural and sports events, to a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner, to trips to Belfast Giants hockey games, to numerous one-off receptions and events -- these provide opportunities for individual and family fellowship for the Irish Canadian community in IrelandandNorthern Ireland. Through such events and its web site, ICS also promotes awareness of the Irish and Canadian cultures and Irish-Canadian connections, and provides information to help Canadians planning to visit or move to Ireland or Northern Ireland.

The International Council of Canadian Studies -http://www.iccs-ciec.ca/about-iccs.php

The ICCS is a federation of 23 national and multi-national Canadian Studies associations and 5 associate members in thirty-nine countries. The ICCS network links over 7,000 academics and researchers. These "Canadianists" publish hundreds of scholarly articles and books on Canadian topics; organize colloquia, seminars and conferences on Canada; and through their teaching and seminars reach over 150,000 students.
For a complete list of the Member Associations of the ICCS, please visit the International Council of Canadian Studies member page: